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District Officials

School Board


Name Office Held Service Began Term
Vanessa M. Berger President 12/05 2021
Thomas M. Zimmerman Vice President 12/03 2019
Cindy A. Boyer Member 04/13 2019
Jay A. Clouspy Member 12/12 2019
James S. Harris Member 02/17 2021
Ray M. Mummert Member 12/99 2019
M. Ann Rinker Member 12/83 2019
G. Paige Wingert Member 07/16 2021
Clint A. Wright Member 12/17 2021
Jeffrey A. Mummert Secretary    
Douglas A. Fuhrman Treasurer    
Gareth D. Pahowka Solicitor    


Building, Grounds & Equipment
Ray M. Mummert Chairperson
Cindy A. Boyer Member
James S. Harris Member
Finance & Support Services
Thomas M. Zimmerman Chairperson
Cindy A. Boyer Member
James S. Harris Member
Ray M. Mummert Member
Clint A. Wright Member
M. Ann Rinker Chairperson
Vanessa M. Berger Member
G. Paige Wingert Member
G. Paige Wingert Chairperson
Ray M. Mummert Member
M. Ann Rinker Member
Student & Community Relations
Cindy A. Boyer Chairperson
Vanessa M. Burger Member
James S. Harris Member
G. Paige Wingert Member
Clint A. Wright Member

Other Assignments

York County School of Technology
M. Ann Rinker Representative
Clint A. Wright Alternate
Vanessa M. Berger Representative
School Board Rep. to LIU Board
Vacant Representative
Township Liaison Committee
Thomas M. Zimmerman Representative
Recreation Commission
Jay A. Clouspy Representative
Thomas M. Zimmerman Chairperson
M. Ann Rinker Representative
Jay A. Clouspy Representative
School Board Rep. to SW Education Foundation Board
Cindy A. Boyer Representative
Wellness Committee
Jay A. Clouspy Representative
York Learning Center Authority
Vacant Representative

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