National Honor Society is an organization established to recognize devoted and driven students. These students challenge themselves academically, contribute their time to benefit their communities, practice effective leadership, and demonstrate outstanding character. These four attributes are known as the Four Pillars of NHS, which all members must exemplify to gain and maintain membership in the organization. Members who neglect to meet either one of these pillars at any time risk having their membership rescinded by the Faculty Council.


Juniors or seniors who meet a cumulative GPA requirement of 3.6 and demonstrate the four pillars of NHS are eligible to apply. Candidates must complete an application, explain in detail how they exemplify the four pillars, and get teachers to vouch on their behalf.

Students who meet the GPA entrance requirement will automatically receive an invitation to apply during the second week of September.

All applications are due to Mrs. Looman or Mr. Vega on September 21 by 3:15 PM without exceptions. Late applications will not be accepted. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Selection Procedures

  • Academically eligible juniors and seniors are automatically invited to apply during the first week of September.
  • Candidates will submit an application including evidence of character, service, and leadership no later than 3:15 on Friday, September 21.
  • The Faculty Council will solicit information about candidates from the faculty and school officials.
  • The Faculty Council will review all forms and gathered information in order to ascertain if the student meets all criteria.
  • A majority vote by the Faculty Council secures selection.
  • Selected students will be notified.
  • Any appeals to the Faculty Council’s decision must be directed to the building principal. Only technical or procedural errors will be considered.
  • Letters of selection will be sent to parents.
  • Students are inducted into the National Honor Society at a formal induction ceremony held in November.

NOTE: NHS faculty advisers are not members of the Faculty Council and do not vote during the selection process.

IMPORTANT: As per the National Association of Secondary School Principals, “parents and students are reminded that NHS membership is a privilege, not a right and that the school’s faculty council has every authority to withhold membership.”


Prospective candidates must show dedication to their academic achievement and have a cumulative GPA of 3.6 to gain admittance. Once admitted, members are required to maintain a 3.5 throughout their membership.


Members should demonstrate leadership skills by setting a good example, contributing innovative ideas, and using effective communication to lead change and solve problems. Most NHS members plan and lead activities, projects, and initiatives in a variety of ways throughout their schools, communities, workplaces, or churches. Simply participating does not constitute leadership.


Serving our community not only speaks of our character but shows that we are ready to make a difference by contributing our time. Members are required to complete and document 15 service hours apart from time completed for other organizations. Service is defined as action derived from uncompensated volunteerism or charity work.


As conscientious students, we must always be mindful of the position we hold as leaders. According to NHS guidelines for membership, “The student of good character is cooperative; demonstrates high standards of honesty and reliability; shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others; and generally maintains a clean disciplinary record.”