A variety of opportunities to volunteer within our schools and with various school organizations exists, and the South Western School District recognizes that the success of our learners depends on the help of the entire community.  For information on what background clearances are needed to volunteer, please contact Lisa Duke.  Please check with individual schools, and on each schools website and building blog, for specific opportunities to volunteer which may exist in each building.

A district-wide mentoring program also exists at South Western. If you are interested in more information about becoming one of our mentors, please see the flyer or contact Dr. Daniel W. Hartman, Assistant Superintendent, with specific questions about the mentoring program.


The Pennsylvania Department of Education has notified us that the FBI Fingerprinting for the state will be changing vendors and therefore, SWSD will no longer be able to provide fingerprinting as a courtesy service to the district employees and volunteers. We are researching how we can best facilitate this change for the district and will be providing updates as they become available. As a result there will be an interruption of fingerprinting services during the transition from Cogent to the new supplier – Idemia (MorphoTrust). This delay will occur between November 18, 2017 and November 28, 2017. Individuals who are not registered and fingerprinted before November 18 will have to wait until November 28 to receive those services through the new provider. The only exceptions that will be made during that timeframe will be for individuals who have an issue with a fingerprint taken prior to November 18 and will be reprinted by November 27. Those individuals who do not get their reprint by November 27 will need to reregister with the new provider and will have 90 days to get their reprint at no cost.

NOTE: Under the Digital Fingerprint contract, MorphoTrust is to provide sufficient fingerprinting locations throughout the commonwealth so that no applicant will have to travel more than 25 miles to be fingerprinted. MorphoTrust and the Department of General Services have developed a roll-out schedule for 75 public center fingerprint locations, which will be complete by the end of November/first week of December. To find a site, click here. This map will continue to be updated.

For FAQs or additional information on fingerprinting services, locations or scheduling an appointment, applicants are encouraged to visit the Idemia supplier website.

PDE apologizes for any inconvenience caused and is committed to supporting you. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.