At West Manheim Elementary School, we operate under the belief that there are three essential components to a child’s educational success: the student, the teacher and the parent. As a parent, you want to see your child excel toward higher standards. Our entire staff shares that very same objective and we know that by partnering together, we can make that shared goal much more attainable.

The national Parent Teachers’ Association defines the two key benefits of parental involvement as follows:

  • Supportive involvement increases the probability of academic success
  • Parent volunteerism contributes directly to goal and program support

Research has shown time and again that students with parents who are actively involved in their education tend to complete more of their homework assignments, achieve higher grades, test better and achieve more consistent attendance rates. Furthermore, studies also indicate that parental involvement can have a positive influence on graduation rates and the likelihood of college enrollment. Taking an active role in your young student’s education can have a direct impact his or her academic success, both now and in the future. The elementary years are perhaps the most important time for this.

At West Manheim Elementary School, we look forward to partnering with you. Together we can help your child achieve great things!